Best Vacuum Cleaner For Wood Floors And Carpet

Looking for the right vacuum cleaner can be a real challenge, especially if your house has many different surfaces to clean.

You need to ensure that as much dust and grime as possible comes off your floors and carpets. You’ll also want to protect your wood floor from scratches and scuff marks.

Buying a vacuum is a considerable investment, so it’s good to think through the vacuuming process. You should have in mind:

  • The different types of vacuums
  • Which vacuums work best for each floor type
  • The suction capabilities
  • The attachments
  • How often you will be vacuuming
  • Types of surfaces that need cleaning

It’s always good to do a little research before making any purchase. Vacuums come in many forms including upright, canister and even robot form.

Although they are all good, canister vacuums are usually lightweight and tend to be better for cleaning hard to reach corners.

It’s also good to note that both bagged and bagless vacuums are good for carpeting and hardwood.

A vacuum doesn’t have to have strong horsepower to be effective. How well it works depends on other factors too such as airflow and the attachments you use.

Nozzle attachments serve different purposes. But, you should never use an attachment made for carpet cleaning on wood flooring

A good wood floor vacuum should:

  • Not have beater brushes, as these leave scratch and scuff marks
  • Have protective rubber or felt stripes that prevent scratching
  • Be able to both sweep and mop; both essential functions for wood floor care.

The requirements are a lot less strict when it comes to vacuums for cleaning carpets. Carpets can handle a lot more than a hardwood can and you can usually go for a much more powerful vacuum with brushes designed to dig deep into the fibers and bring out the dirt. For more information on how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home, check out this article.

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