Shark NV352 Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

The Shark NV352, which is commonly known as the Navigator Lift-Away, is an upright and lightweight bagless vacuum which promises to never lose suction.

Shark claim that its anti-allergen complete seal system, plus HEPA filtration system ensures the dust and allergens stay inside the vacuum cleaner and are not pushed back into your household air.

This vacuum cleaner makes a lot of promises, and it sounds like a fantastic product so I wanted to test these claims for myself.

Product Features

  • Lightweight build, weighing only 12.5 lb.
  • Large detachable canister for portable cleaning.
  • Anti-Allergen complete seal technology.
  • Swivel Steering.
  • Accessories include 2 crevice tools, dusting brush and turbo brush (also known as pet hair brush). Also included is an accessory bag to keep these accessories together.
  • Cheerful, lavender color.


The first thing I noticed when using this vacuum, was how easy it is to use. The swivel feature works great when maneuvering around furniture and corners. Also the upright, lightweight system does not put any unnecessary pressure on my back that can be caused by heavier systems, or also by the barrel style vacuum cleaners.

I really appreciated the detachable canister feature, it allows you to remove and lift the canister as you move around your house, this made is simple to clean on top of tall furniture, remove cobwebs and also vacuum both mattresses and sofas with ease. The canister is also very simple to clean, by detaching from the base you can easily wash the plastic canister in your sink, ready for the next clean.

The suction power is great, just as depicted on television. I found that it cleaned messes such as spilled sugar easily and quickly, and the amount of dust and dirt that it picked up from my floors was astounding. The turbo brush was used on my sofa which I thought was to permanently remain covered in dog hair, but with very little effort from myself, the hair was easily cleaned away. I also used the turbo brush on all our mattresses as a simple way to keep them fresh for longer.

As a household which does suffer from asthma, I really wanted to test the Complete Seal technology the most. Asthma, like other respiratory issues is not something to take lightly, so I was pleased when the claims that Shark make about this feature were proven true, and there was in fact, no dust or allergens spitting from the vacuum cleaner.


The main con, that I personally found, is that the floor nozzle is quite bulky and so it can be difficult to get the areas surrounding baseboards clean without attaching the crevice tool. However, this is a minor issue which does not affect how much I love this product.

This is not so much a con but a friendly warning, the bristles of the floor brush can quickly become wrapped with hair and dust if not properly taken care of. I recommend a quick clean after each vacuuming session, just by pulling any loose or long fragments from the bristles.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I loved this product and can’t imagine replacing it for a very long time. I found that it lived up to my expectations and the creators promises. This vacuum cleaner is great for all households, especially those with children and/or pets. The ease of use would benefit anybody with mobility issues such as back pain, as it is easy to push and does not require any bending. Most importantly, my floors looked great after use and I can be sure that my family will not be affected by allergens and dust in our household air.


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