Neato XV-21 Pet and Allergy Robotic Vacuum Review

The Neato XV-21 is every pet owner’s dream cleaner.

This ingenious vacuum blesses pet owners with its knack for removing pet hair quickly and effectively from all areas of the home.

But what does this convenient cleaner come with? Does it do its job as well as other robotic cleaners?


This adorable, Nintendo-like Robotic Vacuum includes:

  • One combo brush
  • A blade brush
  • A high-performance HEPA filter
  • Boundary markers
  • LED displays
  • Scheduled cleaning
  • An adaptable design

The combo and blade brushes help with the complete removal of pet hair. A professional quality HEPA filter enhances its cleaning ability. Rounded but with a sharp head, its creative, adaptable design enables it to clean corners and edges.

It also comes with magnetic boundary markers that tell the cleaner where it cannot cross. The scheduled cleaning feature allows users to preset cleaning times. When cleaning is completed, thIs intelligent cleaner makes its way back to its charging dock.


That this capable vacuum has helpful features is obvious. It definitely comes with its share of advantages.

  • It is affordable – To begin, this vacuum is highly affordable. At just over $400 on Amazon, it gives its closest competitor, the Roomba, a run for its money. At a comfortable price, it neither makes the promises of ridiculously priced vacuums or shortchanges quality in the way lower priced ones sometimes do.
  • It cleans thoroughly – The price aside, this vacuum cleans completely. This is thanks to its innovative brush design, crafted especially for lifting pet hair and allergens off floors and carpets. Filtration is thorough, with a top-quality HEPA filter. The cleaning quality, comparable with the Roomba, satisfies reviewers and customers. They say that the cleaner cleans places upright vacuums cannot, including under the bed.
  • You can schedule cleaning – To add, the scheduled cleaning feature is a definite plus. Several customers have remarked that they can preset cleaning times and clean without hassle.
  • It is neat and orderly – This vacuum is organized in other ways. With a laser-guided navigation system, It cleans in neat rows along a relatively wide cleaning path. This is unlike the Roomba, which navigates haphazardly. Although it sometimes misses the charging dock, this machine does a reliable job of finding its way around. Boundary markers keep the cleaner in place and are easily found at hardware stores.
  • The displays are readable – A last benefit is that the LED displays are easy to read. Though you have to bend over to see them, the controls are clearly marked.


The Neato XV-21 is a cleaning force to reckon with. However, no cleaner is perfect and this one is no exception.

  • It is not feature rich – As a start, features are not Neato’s strong suit. It does not include the remote controls or invisible walls that other robotic cleaners do. A reviewer reflects that, despite its effective brush system, it does not rely on spinning brushes.
  • It can be rather noisy – Another drawback is that this vacuum is noisy. A customer says that she cannot clean without waking her young toddler up.
  • This vacuum has durability issues – Adding to this list of cons are a few durability issues. One customer left feedback that the vacuum failed to navigate occasionally. Another expressed frustration over a broken LCD issue that could not be fixed. Problems with the LCD units are common with this cleaner.
  • After sales service is not so reliable – The same customer stated that Neato’s after sales service is not reliable. They outsource repairs instead of replacing or repairing units.


In all, I would recommend this vacuum to those who want affordable, hassle-free cleaning. Use this if you want a well-designed vacuum that you do not mind occasionally navigating yourself. A worthwhile investment if you have lots of hardwood areas in your home to clean.


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