How to Make Your Own Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Cleaning wooden floors was a very hard task for me. I went from all kinds of soaps and detergents before I realized that cleaning shouldn’t be as complicated as it was. The best solution for cleaning all wooden floors was just within my household. The good old Vinegar and some warm water is all I needed. I did not believe it myself but once I used it there wasn’t any more doubt.

I was amazed by the result and the realization that I would easily make my wooden floors look as good as new by just following the right directions.

The trick lies in making a vinegar and water mixture while using the right ratio. If you use too much water the floor will end up looking dull or soaked up, too much vinegar will corrode the finishing and take away the shiny surface you love to admire.

What you need:

  • A cup of Vinegar
  • A gallon of warm water
  • Clean dry cloth (Not the kitchen Mop you like using)
  • Drops of essential oil
  • Eucalyptus oil

Proceed with the following:

  • Mix a cup of vinegar with the gallon of water and shake it up well.
  • Add some drops of essential and eucalyptus oil and shake it up again.

What each component does

Vinegar absorbs those fatty stains and water dissolves the non-fatty ones so you only need a little in the cloth, having a lot will affect the quality of the cleaning. The essential oil prevents your apartment from smelling like vinegar and the eucalyptus oil acts as an antiseptic.

The ratio is used to makes sure that the acidity in vinegar doesn’t corrode your wooden floor and the water isn’t too much to soak up and make the floor dull. The dry cloth makes the cleaning experience safer and it’s more protective to the floor as compared to brushes and other scrubbing components.

How to clean the floor

Start by doing a general vacuuming of the floor to make sure you get rid of all the visible dirt.

It’s now time to clean the floor up with the home made solution we made. It’s very important to make sure that the cloth is clean and almost damp when wiping the floor. So dip it or spray it with the solution but wring it until it’s truly damp. Make sure you don’t see puddles on the floor when cleaning as this will mean that the clothing isn’t as dry.

It’s even easier when you’re dealing with a small area of stain or dirt. Use the same formula to make the recipe but keep the rest of the detergent for later, you can store it in jar or spray bottle. This will come in handy when you have a small spill in the house like when the baby spills some food or when the dog comes in the house with some dirt on the feet.

Why use home-made cleaners

  • They are inexpensive
  • Reliable and efficient
  • They do not contain harmful chemical substances
  • It’s the best method and is recommended by floor installers

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