iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Review

For a lot of people, vacuuming is not exactly a hobby, it’s something you have to do otherwise your house would look like a hurricane had run over it. Vacuuming becomes a more commonly done task if you have pets or small kids as they are likely to play with almost everything you had neatly and make a mess of the whole place. Pets owners especially, have to vacuum more often to remove the pets’ fur from the carpet which if left for too long may be a health hazard.

However, vacuuming is quite tiresome as you have to cover every inch of the house and given how heavy some vacuums are, it’s really not that easy. Besides these machines are really noisy and are bound to wake the baby up. Furthermore with the traditional models, some spots cannot be reached. For example, if you wanted to clean under the couch, you would have to move the couch; it’s just too much work. Well, that’s until robotic vacuums were invented.

The iRobot Roomba 770 is a robotic vacuum that works on its own without you having to push it along. Roomba robot vacuums have been around since 2002. Before the 770 model, there was the 560 version that is only a shadow of what the 770 can do.

Why it is an Ideal Vacuum

  • It is relatively small and portable therefore it is easy to carry it around and place it in the room you want to clean.
  • The fact that you do not have to do anything, just set it up and forget it; it is a great plus as the manual labor is kept to the minimal.
  • The Roomba 770 is also known for its thoroughness, due to its small size, it can reach into the darkest corners and its high tech dirt sensor enhances its ability to pick up dust, hair or any other dirt. If it detects really stubborn grime, it will move back and forth until it is removed.
  • It is equipped with Dual HEPA air filter which ensures that the air around your house is clean and fresh. This is genius!
  • What’s more, you do not have to be there for the cleaning to take place. All you have to do is program the robot to clean the house at a specific time and it will without your supervision.
  • It is relatively easy to clean up the robot as the parts are detachable. There is a dustbin indicator when it is full. Besides, it comes with its own cleaning kit.
  • Its power system is simply amazing. You only have to charge if for a few minutes and the machine will retain the power for hours.

The Drawbacks

  • It is a robot and the sensor cannot really sense furniture. This causes it to bump into your furniture hard sometimes causing dents or damaging furniture completely especially if you are not around.
  • Some users have complained it is a louder version than the previous models and this may be a bit inconveniencing.
  • It does not come with a hardcopy manual and so for the user who are not very familiar with robotic vacuums they might have a hard time figuring out which button does what.


Clearly, this is a genius invention, the iRobot Roomba 770 robotic vacuum is a simple effective way to vacuum your house without having to worry about a thing. Moreover, with the additional features that come with it, it is obvious the machine offers service value for its money. For the few drawbacks like hitting furniture, you should remove furniture that always seem to be on the robot’s way, or better still stick adhesive on the Roomba to reduce the intensity of the bumping. All in all, this is a great time and work saver.

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