Hoover Linx Cordless Stick

When you think of good vacuum cleaner brands, Hoover is definitely one of the first ones to come to your mind, and for all the right reasons, considering their new impressive cordless stick vacuum, the Hoover Linx.

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick VacuumWhy is it Rated so High?

First of all, it is light (7.5 lbs) and compact enough (11”×8”×42”) to occupy the least space possible. With fine handles that protect your hands and the capacity to stand upright with no help, using it becomes incredibly comfortable.

Like any cordless cleaner, it comes with a battery. The 18-volt Li-Ion Battery with the “fade-free” technology embedded in this machine lasts long enough for any cleaning session, no matter how spacious your house is. When the battery is over, recharging is a breeze with the charger part of the standard package.

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, it does not have a bag, but an easily removable canister that alerts you when it needs emptying. The nozzle is quite wide (11”) and adjustable to any user height. An impressive feature is the Cyclonic filtration system that protects you from allergens.

Cleaning Performance

The three suction tubes provide an astonishing vacuum force, being able to remove all sorts of dirt on any type of surface, no matter how small or large. It has edge-cleaning bristles, allowing you to clean-up all the corners of your home, and its profile makes it able to cope with any tight spot.

While it is good for carpets, it is excellent for hardwood floors. And switching among the two kinds of surfaces is easy, due to its instant brushroll activation option. The button for this is comfortably located.

Technical Features Summary

  • Fade-free Li-Ion Battery (interchangeable and with own charger);
  • Easily activated brushroll with the power-enhancing WindTunnel Technology;
  • Intuitive controls;
  • Battery gauge;
  • Edge cleaning bristles;
  • Wide nozzle (ideal for dry spills);
  • Low profile base;
  • Recline handle (for cleaning under furniture);
  • Easily releasable bottom dirt cup;
  • 2 years of warranty.

Lightweight, efficient and easy to use, this is a universal vacuum cleaner perfect for any home: no cords to worry about, no dirt bags to replace or empty, just clean floors, no matter their specific! Click here to visit Amazon.com for more information.

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