What is The Best Hardwood Floor Alternative?

laminate-wood-floorHome remodeling offers a lot of benefits for your property. It can help increase the value of your home exponentially, aside from the usual improved overall look and feel. Without a doubt, hardwood floors are still the top choice for premium flooring. Since hardwood floors can be expensive, you can check out affordable alternatives.

When it comes to flooring materials there are a number of options to choose from. For example, you can opt to have engineered hardwood, direct print flooring, vinyl, or porcelain. Some homeowners opt for other materials like tile or carpeting. Nevertheless, for hardwood, laminate flooring remains to be the best alternative.

Everything You Need To Know About Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a top choice among designers and decorators when hardwood flooring is not a viable option. They are reasonably priced but it functions just like a real hardwood. While it appears to be real wood with grains and specific colors, it is actually a synthetic material with a thin layer of a photographic image on top. The image is protected by a durable film which was pressed together to a backing board. Finally, the backing board is made of high density materials which are resistant to scratches, scuffs and gouges.

Since its inception in mid-1990s laminate floors have grown so much in popularity. Experts shared that this is most likely because it is non-expensive, as well as, easy to install and maintain. They are also known as “floating floors”, because it can be installed on top of any existing floor.

Benefits of Using Laminate Floor Materials

Laminate offers plenty of benefits when you opt to use them in your home.

  • Price – Perhaps the biggest advantage is the amount of money that you can save. Hardwood floors are expensive mainly because they are hardwood, which are materials that are difficult to source. Laminate flooring are made of composite wood which are pressed together at high temperatures. On an average, it can cost 50% less than authentic hardwood floors.
  • Durability – Another important reason why laminate floors are widely praised is because of its durability. The materials used to make laminate floors are resistant to scratches, moisture build-up, gouges and the normal wear and tear. In most cases, it is more durable than hardwood where there is high foot traffic in your home.
  • Maintenance – They requires very little maintenance. Just vacuum and a moist rag to keep it clear of dust and small debris. Unlike hardwood, laminates do not require sanding and polishing from time to time.
  • Look and Feel – since these materials uses photographic images, laminate floors can come in a variety of designs, colors, and grains. It can match any kind of existing home design.

Any homeowner will want the best materials for their homes. Thankfully, there are now alternatives for these expensive materials. If you who do not have a lot of time to constantly maintain your floors and you are looking for a cheap but durable alternative; laminate floors is your best option.

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