Green Cleaning Products For Hardwood Floors

As consumers demand healthy products, the concept of going green continues unabated. Most people shopping for products to clean hardwood floors have not been left behind and are looking for a detergent that is safe for pets and children. Above all, shoppers are searching for cleaning products that are good for human health and the environment.

Did you also know that it’s possible to mix your own ingredients like water, baking soda or alcohol to create a natural cleaner? It’s not expensive and the good thing is that you know what your final cleaner is comprised of.

Here are some of the common green cleaning products currently available in the market:

WOW Wood And Laminate Floor Cleaner

This product is manufactured by Black Diamond Stoneworks. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or solvents, and it is environmentally friendly. This water-based and non-toxic cleaner can remove dirt, scuff marks, food and drink stains and even eliminate pet and human odors. The product has been tested to give you the easiest solution with a guarantee.

The product does not leave behind streaks or residue that make hardwood floors look dull. It’s sold as completely mixed which is very convenient. Your job is only to spray and wipe the hardwood surface.

Martha Stewart Clean Wood Floor Cleaner

This safe and effective cleaner is made of 99 percent plant and minerals. Most soaps and detergents leave some residue that trap dust but Martha Stewart’s cleaner has been certified by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “Design for the Environment”. These cleaning products are safe for all wood surfaces and is biodegradable.

A bottle of this cleaner contains water which act as a natural solvent. It also has plant surfactant which is derived from several vegetable oils. Potassium Hydroxide is also part of the ingredient to maintain a neutral environment.

Method Squirt + Mop Hard Floor Cleaner

This product comes with a pleasant scent of almonds. Some people say it smells so good that it might even tempt you to eat off the floor. It’s also non-toxic and biodegradable. The shower nozzle spray can cover your hardwood floors in a few sweeps.

Other Hardwood Cleaning Tips

Different floors require different kinds of cleaning procedures. Using an incorrect method or formula can easily ruin your entire floor surface. Here are some easy tips on how else to clean different floors; but, test them first on a small scale before determining what’s good for your surface.

  1. Damp mopping – Water is an enemy of wood; so wet the mop and wring as much water out as possible and wipe the dirty surface.
  2. A sprinkle of baking powder works like magic on scuff marks.
  3. Watch the hair spray and furniture polish. For a thorough cleaning, use window cleaners that don’t have ammonia.
  4. Wipe out spills and dirt once they appear on the floor. Liquids can also stain or damage the finish of the floor, wipe them immediately with non-wax wood cleaners.
  5. Vacuuming – Dust the floor and vacuum to remove dirt trapped in crevices and cracks. However, be careful when vacuuming because the rotating brush can scratch the wood.

You don’t need to spend lots of money to clean hardwood. It’s easy to just wipe and spray with one of the above recommended cleaning products.

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