What Cleans Hardwood Floors Best

Hardwood flooring has become very popular nowadays as it adds to the aesthetic value of the rooms. These floors are very durable, long lasting but susceptible to damages. It will serve you for a long time if it has been properly taken care of.

The floors must be cleaned regularly so that there is no accumulation of dirt and debris. The best way to clean the hardwood floors will depend on the type of finish it has and it is generally regarded as an easy process by many.

Experts have opined that cleaning hardwood floors with water is not harmful for the wood. But the only consideration is that the floor must not be kept wet for prolonged periods of time. It must be dried up as soon as possible. Carefully check the floor for any holes because if the water manages to percolate in then it will start damaging the hardwood from that point. For this reason alone the floor should not be made too wet and no water should be splashed on the floor. Many people use a mop as it is makes the cleaning process less tedious. However, before using the mop on the floor, the dirt and debris should be removed.

One may use the vacuum cleaner or a broom to get rid of all the debris. However, the bottom line is that in an effort to clean the debris one should not make scratches on the floor. The entire floor must be mopped in an efficient manner and the floor must be dried up soon after it has been dampened.

Cleaning Stains

If there are stains and scratches on the hardwood floors, always start from the perimeter and work towards the center. If there are chewing gum or similar sticky substances then k=just put a plastic bag full of ice on top of it. The material will become brittle and you can easily sweep it off then.

After that use a recommended hardwood cleaner but that will depend on the type of floor you have. When buy cleaners for your hardwood floors always choose one that has neutral acidity. The sad part is that most of these cleaners have very harsh chemicals which contain ammonia and chemicals based on ammonia which are harmful for the hardwood floors. So before you try a new cleaner on your floor, one must first apply it on a small area for testing.

What is the best cleaning product for hardwood floors?

A very safe cleaning solution to clean for hardwood floors is a good mix of vinegar and water. It is very easy to make and cost effective. This helps to keep the floor very shiny, clean and emits a nice fragrance. It is highly recommended that one should use wax at regular interval to clean the hardwood floors as it gives a shiny look to the floors. But many people have a habit of using it far too many times but this is undesirable as one need to spend a lot on the process of removing the wax later on.

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