Cleaning Wood Floors With Tea Tree Oil

You love your clean, wood floor. You just don’t love the allergies someone at home gets when he steps on it. Taking your pet to the vet after it eats something off the floor is no fun either.

Such things happen because the cleaning agents you use to revitalize your wooden floor are chock full of toxic ingredients.

Natural Cleaners

Natural cleaners are a welcome relief. In addition to keeping your wood floors looking clean, they also have many indirect health benefits.

You can use it as a cleaning solution to wipe just about any surface, including:

  • Toilet bowls
  • Bathtubs
  • Car seats
  • Chairs
  • Kitchen tiles
  • Wood flooring

You can even use it to clean your laundry. It takes only about a quarter of a teaspoon of this oil to prevent mold from developing on fabrics. It also gets rid of fungi and mildew. When it is mixed with kosher salt, it rids your bathtub of annoying scum.

It even works as an antiseptic. You can spray the solution on areas that need antiseptic attention, like places where a pet has left a mess.

No Toxic Chemical Ingredients

This magic cleaner would naturally have other health benefits. For starters, you can safely leave your children to play on the floor without worrying about their allergies. Solutions made of this oil have few or no chemical ingredients, so the kids can help you to do the cleaning too.

Without toxic chemicals, the air you breathe in is much safer. Chemically laden detergents usually come with warning labels that tell you not to inhale their fumes. The air can’t be very safe even if you’re using it on a different surface.

Besides the fact that they do not harm the environment, non-toxic cleaners are cheaper than chemical detergents.

When you begin the switch to natural cleaning, you’ll discover that solutions comprising of this oil actually help to get more dirt off your wooden floor than traditional cleaners. Note that there are also benefits of using it together with a good castile soap made with organic olive oil.

To prepare the solution, mix together:

  • 10 to 20 drops of tea tree oil
  • Castile soap
  • Water.
  1. Use a spray bottle.
  2. Start the cleaning process by vacuuming or sweeping thoroughly. Make sure that the edges are free of dirt. Leaving dirt particles on your wood floor will cause them to be mixed with your mop. Scratches and scuff marks will be left behind during the process.
  3. Have a bucket of water ready. Spray each section of your floor with the solution, then mop it thoroughly. Work carefully through each section, spraying and mopping.
  4. Dry the floor thoroughly with towels to prevent water from seeping into the wood. Water may make the the wood expand. The edges of the floor may detach from the concrete below it over time.
  5. Use a soft, dry cloth to buff the floor. Do this in circular motions across the room. Buffing your wooden floor is an important part of the process. It helps to being out a brilliant shine.

The next time you’re thinking about cleaning wood flooring the naturally without harmful chemicals, consider trying out this cleaning solution. It keeps your floor clean and it’s also a health boon.

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