Why Cleaning Hardwood Floors is Important & How to do it Properly

Cleaning Hardwood FloorsHardwood floors can be a little intimidating to clean. We have to worry about if what chemical we’re putting on them will stain or ruin the texture of the wood and those multi-surface cleaning labels never really put our mind at ease because we’re worried our floors are somehow different and their product is only specific to pine or something.

I for one get a little panic attack every time I use a new cleaner and anxiously wait for the floor to dry just so I can see if I’ve completely ruined it or not. It’s important to do it about once every other week, though. All of that dust, dirt, and dander can lead to a really filthy looking floor. Not to mention, it’s totally unsanitary. Especially if you have children or like me, spend 90% of the time in your home walking around barefoot.

Here are a few tips on how to clean your hardwood floor and what to use to get the job done.

1. Choose Your Cleaner

This can be so overwhelming but your research has been done for you and hopefully I’ve made your time in the cleaner aisle a little less daunting.

  • White Vinegar: okay, this isn’t from the cleaner aisle but it should be! This is the most natural and safe way to clean your hardwood floors. Mix about a half a cup of vinegar to every gallon of warm water. There are no harsh chemicals so if you have pets or children you don’t have to worry about introducing the smell or risk from those. Make sure it’s White, other vinegars could stain.
  • Pine-Sol: This really is safe for any wood you have. And, Pine-Sol products are great for tough jobs because they lift dirt and grease while disinfecting. I like the Original or Sunshine Meadow scents because there’s just something cozy about a wood floor that smells spotlessly clean with a little hint of mother nature.
  • Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner: Bona products are amazing on hardwood and you can find them at most supermarkets including Walmart. They’re a little pricier but you’re guaranteed to have an immaculately clean and beautiful floor after using them.

In addition, having the best vacuum for hardwood floors available to you to use, before and after, compliments your other cleaning tasks.

2. Mixing and Mopping

Mix warm water with the appropriate amount of cleaner as labeled on the bottle and dampen your mop. Self-wringing mops are best so you can avoid soaking your hands in the solution. Sweep and pick up any rugs, furniture, etc. that you’re mopping under before you start.

Dampen your mop so that you’re not getting too much water on the floor, too much moisture can damage hardwood. Move your mop in a circular motion as you go – this will do the best job of lifting dirt and stains. Change out your solution as you notice the water getting dirty.

3. Post-Mop

After you’re done mopping wait for the floor to dry completely before allowing any traffic across it or putting rugs/ furniture back into place.

4. Enjoy!

And, to avoid cleaning them too often, dust or sweep your floors once a week and wipe up any messes with a damp towel as soon as you notice them.

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