How to Clean Wood Floors With Wax Finish

Caring for your wood floor is one big step in keeping things green. Proper maintenance will ensure the floors durability and attractiveness for a long time. My waxed hardwood has maintained its appeal for more than five years now.

You will agree with me that maintenance of a waxed hardwood is simple, especially the shine. You only have to use the right procedures. But do you know that wrong products and devices can completely ruin the beauty? The following tips will guide you on how to achieve the best result.

  1. Use neutral floor cleaners – it is advisable that you only use cleaners that have been designed purposely for cleaning waxed floors. Waxed floors are very sensitive to basic, acidic as well as solvent cleaners. Before purchasing your cleaner, keep safety in mind lest you budget for another floor.
  2. Use safe disinfectants – some people may prefer to have a disinfectant when cleaning. Care should be taken because only those safe to the waxed wood floors are suitable. Check the specifications before purchasing and cleaning. I can tell you that it is not friendly to redo a hardwood floor.
  3. Make your cleaning fluid – make the cleaning fluid for your waxed floor. Vinegar is recommended for this purpose. It is a safe and effective cleaner for most of the surfaces available. Use a quarter of vinegar with a gallon of warm water in a bucket. You can also read the procedures and specifications from the manufacturer.
  4. Mop the floor – it is time now to do the actual cleaning. Ring out your mop and ensure it is barely wet. The mopping process is simple. It is important to note that mopping is done along the wood grains. This is done to ensure that when water dries up, evaporation lines will not be left behind.
  5. Shine the floor – in order to have that shiny and attractive look, a waxed paper is used for the purpose. Attach the paper to the head of your sponge mop using a rubber band. Repeat the mopping process again, this time using the piece of paper. Your floor will shine again like never before.
  6. Preventive maintenance – it is advisable to remove dirt and dust first before doing the actual cleaning in order to remove particles that may scratch the floor. Mats can be positioned on both the exterior and interior doors where traffic is large as this will lessen trapped dirt. Include a boot removal area to prevent dirty boots on the waxed floor. Use floor protectors under furniture to prevent damage.

When you follow the above tips, your floor will be durable and remain in good condition. You will realize that waxed hardwood floors are easily cleaned and maintained. If there are certain areas that experience heavy traffic, like corridors, wearing out will be seen more often, hence, regular waxing may be required.

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