Best Upright Vacuum For Hard Floors

Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance to your home. It’s important to keep them always clean for durability and to maintain its texture. Using upright vacuums for hardwood floors will minimize the time it takes to clean and eliminate that irritating and stubborn dirt.

Things to Consider Before Your Purchase

It’s important to consider some factors before buying a hard floor vacuum. You’ll need a device that can properly pick up any type of dirt, preferably one with added features to make cleaning easy and simple. Here are some important factors worth knowing before buying:

  1. Consider the areas you want cleaned.
  2. Choose between canister and upright devices. The latter is important if you have problems with bending and lifting.
  3. Search for models with bags or bagless depending on personal preference.
  4. Check for HEPA and other air conditioning features.
  5. Look for power and performance. Pay attention to charging quality and run time.

Other factors to consider include the suction and motor power, filters and hose quality. Below, are some of the best upright vacuum cleaners made just for cleaning hard floors:

1. Dyson Animal Complete

This product has an increased suction that applies Radial Root Cyclone technology. The device is ideal for removing per hair and can be used for both a hard surface and delicate rugs. Equipped with ball technology, this cleaner can turn and maneuver under furniture as well as other hard-to-reach areas.

The ergonomic handle makes carrying this vacuum cleaner easy and comfortable. With HEPA filtration, you don’t need to worry about dust and particles in the air. It’s also very hygienic and easy to empty the dust bags.

2. Dyson Multi-floor Bagless

If you are looking for a powerful and lightweight cleaner that doesn’t lose suction, then this device is perfect for you. This machine also uses the ball technology for easy twisting and turning. It has a telescopic wand which allows it to navigate and reach stairs, and upholsters or drapes.

You only need to press a button to empty and clean the dust bin. The lifetime filters don’t clog and the motorized cleaning head can automatically detect the type of surface you are using it on. This model has received high ratings from many previous customers.

3. Miele Jazz Upright Vacuum Cleaner

This is a very durable model. It applies SwivelNeck Technology which makes it easy to turn by only a twist of the arm. The device is ideal for cleaning under surfaces because it allows you to position it on a flat floor. The control switches are located on the handle for convenience.

The electronic brush is capable of following the floor contours and adjusts itself when cleaning differing surfaces like rugs or hardwood. The LED light system can detect debris and dirt under the carpet, or trapped in crevices and cracks. It’s also an ideal machine for those with allergies or sensitivity to dust.

4. Hoover WindTunnel Air Steerable Upright

This is a very light device that weighs only about 13 pounds. It’s installed with swivel steering for easy maneuverability. You have the option of 3 channels of suction. The HEPA filters are washable cutting down on the cost of maintenance.

The long hose can reach up to the ceiling. With the multi-cyclonic system, the model does not clog the filters. The handle and wand are detachable and is a very affordable machine for those on a budget.

If you’re looking for a good vacuum that can clean your hard floors with ease, try one of the upright cleaners mentioned above.