Best Stick Vacuum For Wood Floors

Wood is a popular option for flooring because it’s durable and looks elegant. It’s important to clean your floors made of wood regularly in order to maintain the color and texture.

Instead of using a heavy upright or canister vacuum that can cause unsightly scratches, you’ll find that having the best stick vacuum can come in very handy.

It works extremely well for quick daily cleaning and touch up. It’s a handy and versatile tool that every home should have.

What To Look For In A Good Stick Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners vary from models that pick pet hair to those that even assist people with allergies. It’s always a matter of preferences and taste but most products have their own advantages.

You have the option of buying either corded or cordless.

Check whether the model has a bag or is bag-less. The latter are advantageous because you don’t need to buy extra bags. However, the decision to buy entirely depends on personal preferences.

The performance depends on the power of suction, airflow and other factors like design and comfort of handling. Make sure to check out all the features that make it a perfect vacuum for hardwood floors before buying.

An edge cleaner is a convenient option because it can clean even the areas where the floor meets the wall.

Here are some of the best stick vacuums to consider:

1. Hoover Platinum Linx Cordless

This is a portable model. It works well for carpets and hard floors. It’s the best option for picking pet hair and other small particles and the battery lasts about 20 to 30 minutes after a full charge.

The powered brushroll is capable of digging up stubborn debris and even large particles like toys or dog food. It’s also very sleep and saves space because it can be stored in a cabinet or closet. This model has received very good ratings for the low level of noise it produces.

2. Eureka Quick Up Cordless

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple cleaning machine, then you’re going to love this model. It’s the most ideal for quick cleaning especially if all you need is remove small messes like those dropped on the floor by kids. Although the battery takes long to charge and has a short run-time, the product works well on bare surfaces and ideal for short in-between jobs.

3. BISSELL PowerEdge Pet Hard Floor Cleaner

The model is very light and has a long cord that can reach far. Although many owners have complained about the level of noise produced; the size and suction power of this vacuum are both fantastic and easily make up for it. For picking pet hair and cleaning around corners, this machine is very efficient and gets the job done.

It has a V-shaped nozzle which makes it easier to maneuver and pick dirt in tight corners and around chair legs. The filters are easy to replace and you don’t need any attachments.

4. Eureka Easy Clean

This model has been designed purposely for removing small debris and dirt. It has a built-in filter that enables you to clean and vacuum at the same time.

If you have hard to reach areas on your floor, then the Eureka Easy Clean is a wonderful choice. The brushroll is conveniently placed on the body. It’ has a great power and the noise levels are extremely low.