Best Robotic Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Do you have a busy schedule and want a vacuum cleaner that can free up your time? If so, consider buying a robotic vacuum. There are a number of models in the market ranging from $100 to over $1000 that are capable of effectively removing irritating dirt and dust from your hardwood floors.

Unlike traditional vacuums for wood floors, these neat little gadgets can clean for you even if you’re not around.

How to Find The Best Robot Vacuum

Understanding the limitations and capabilities of these models will help you make a wise decision. Whether you’re looking for a simple and cheap machine to help you maintain your hardwood floors, or a complex device that can detect dirt with sensor memory, the following pointers will highly help you.

  1. Performance and power: Check the unit for charging capacity and the run time.
  2. Check for transitioning and stair detection abilities. While most robotic vacuums are designed to clean hardwood, some of them have in-built capacity to work on carpets and other low-level surfaces.
  3. Cleaning and dirt detection: A good machine has sensors to detect dirt and is “intelligent” enough to tell whether the floors have been thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Special features: The best models have scheduler so that it can work while you are away. Others have a remote; therefore you don’t need to bend when you reach corners. Check for other features like self-charging capacities, virtual walls and dust bin size.

Having the best robotic vacuum as opposed to a cheap imitation model can actually save you a lot of headache. They are easier to maintain, and parts are almost always readily available. Look for manufacturers who offer extended warranties. Here are some great models rated highly by reviewers:

1. Neato Robotics

This fun to use machine, works best for light daily cleaning. The square-edged models get into corners better than traditional vacuums. It can clean about three rooms without asking for a recharge. This “intelligent” make automatically returns to its docking station once the charge becomes low.

2. Roomba

The model is one of the most advanced cleaners you can buy. This device is capable of picking up to 98 percent of dirt and dust. It can get to corners and hard to reach areas. With digital touch controls, this product can even notify you when the dust bag is full. You can schedule it to clean up to 7 sessions in a week.

3. Infinuvo Cleanmate

This is an affordable device and has some special features. It can clean under furniture, corners and hard to reach area on autopilot. It also returns to the docking station for recharging and beeps when the battery is low. The machine comes with reusable filters which cut down on maintenance costs.

4. Neato Pet And Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

The model was designed for people with pets or sensitive to dust and particles. Using pet and allergy technology, this device can collect dirt three times more than the traditionally filtered cleaners. It’s easily customized to clean any type of room from hardwood floors to carpets.

You don’t necessarily need to have a top rated robotic vacuum for it to work on autopilot without human intervention, but you do need to pick out a good quality one depending on how rough your hardwood floors are. As nice as it is to have one of these gadgets in your home, you still need to keep a standard vacuum for hardwood around for stairs and regular clean ups.

Check on the noise levels as well when buying – generally, most models produce similar sound but those that emit a whistle sound can be very irritating.